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DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls

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DC Super Hero Girls Tracker

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Name Status1 Last Price1 Last Stock1
Batgirl : Amazon Out of Stock$16.19 Jun 23 - 3:56 AM
Harley Quinn : Amazon In Stock$15.08 Jun 23 - 3:24 PM
Katana : Amazon In Stock$21.99 Jun 23 - 6:14 PM
Poison Ivy : Amazon In Stock$16.19 Jun 23 - 3:57 PM
Starfire : Amazon In Stock$18.54 Jun 23 - 3:28 PM
Supergirl : Amazon Out of Stock$14.99 Jun 11 - 9:37 AM
Wonder Woman : Amazon Out of Stock$17.00 Jun 14 - 3:28 PM
Ebay : All Models Stock Available - -

Recent In Stock History

- Updates apprx. every 5 minutes.
Date/Time Status
Jun 23 - 9:57 AM ESTAmazon : Batgirl Out of Stock
Jun 23 - 3:56 AM ESTAmazon : Batgirl In Stock for $16.19
Jun 22 - 2:54 PM ESTAmazon : Harley Quinn In Stock for $15.08
Jun 22 - 8:46 AM ESTAmazon : Harley Quinn Out of Stock
Jun 20 - 3:03 PM ESTAmazon : Katana In Stock for $21.99
Jun 20 - 8:48 AM ESTAmazon : Katana Out of Stock
Jun 15 - 2:22 PM ESTAmazon : Batgirl Out of Stock
Jun 15 - 3:52 AM ESTAmazon : Wonder Woman Out of Stock
Jun 14 - 11:04 PM ESTAmazon : Batgirl Preorder for $16.19
Jun 14 - 10:41 PM ESTAmazon : Harley Quinn In Stock for $15.08

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