Unsubscribe from Google Group: nowinstocknet-zelda-breath-of-the-wild

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ the following instructions in order to unsubscribe.

  1. Send an blank email from the EXACT email address that is receiving alerts to:
  2. After sending the above email, you will receive a response email from Google Groups. (Remember to check your SPAM/Junk Mail!) In this response, you will receive one of two responses:
    • POTENTIAL RESPONSE 1: An email with instructions on how to complete the unsubscribing process. If you receive this response, just follow the instructions in the email and you will be unsubscribed.
    • POTENTIAL RESPONSE 2: An email saying your email address is NOT subscribed. If you receive this response, then you did not send the email in Step 1 from the EXACT email address you signed up with to the Google Group. If this is the case, try sending an email from any alias or secondary email address that forwards to your current email address.
  • ONLY after following the above instructions, and you still cannot unsubscribe:
    1. Create an email with the following information included:
      1. Subject Line should say: UNSUBSCRIBE-nowinstocknet-zelda-breath-of-the-wild
      2. In the email, list ALL email addresses that could be potentially subscribed to the Group
    2. If you do NOT include the above information in the email, you will continue to receive alerts.
    3. Email the information to unsubscribegg@nowinstock.net.

About Now In Stock

Welcome to NowInStock.NET. We are a web service that monitors online shopping web sites to see when products come in stock. This way you never have to filter through hundreds of pages, subject yourself to tons of notification emails, and so on. NowInStock brings everything together in one tight little package.

We continually add new products, let us know if you have any you would like to see here. If you like our service, let us know! We love to hear from you.


"It worked! It actually worked! I've been looking for the Leap Pad for my little girl since Black Friday. I've been to store after store. I've had family members checking stores. I've checked several websites, a few times a day. I came across a post where someone said that they registered with you to find an item. I was skeptical, but I registered anyway. I received 3 alerts yesterday, but unfortunately, the item sold out quickly. I received an alert today and I was on it! My item has been ordered and will be shipped to my home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" -Katina B