Getting Your Hands on Super Hot Items

Read this in FULL if you want the best chance at getting your super hot item!

First thank you for your interest in using to alert you whenever an item is in stock for purchase online. BUT, it appears you are interested in an item that EVERYONE wants to get their hands on. This puts you, as well as, in a quandary. Abiding by the following rules will provide you with the BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE at getting this super hot item:

1. USE Browser Alerts or Desktop Alerts for In Stock Notifications.

Browser Alerts and Desktop Alerts are alert delivery apps we have created here at to establish a more direct connection from our servers to your computer. There are no email or txt servers holding back, slowing down, or deleting our communications. When we are sending thousands of emails and TXT messages, there are a series of stops along the way that can inhibit or terminiate delivery of these items, whether it is your email server at work, your ISPs email server, SPAM filters, people marking our emails as SPAM (NEVER do this, just unsubscribe!) etc. In the end, email and TXT delivery can result in serious reliability issues when sending THOUSANDS at a time, as fast as possible.

Another reason to use Browser and Desktop Alerts is that when stock floats (an item is in and out of stock over an extened amount of time) you will be notified. When using email or TXT alerts, alerts are sent on intervals typically with 2 or more hours of seperation. For example, say you received an alert for an in stock item. If this item goes out of stock, then 20 minutes later comes back in stock, you will NOT receive another alert because the interval has not been surpassed. If using Browser or Desktop alerts, you will be notified everytime!

2. Be FAST with your clicks.

If you hear the alarm go off using one of the above options, you STILL need to be really fast getting to the retailer site and adding the items to your cart.

3. Create an account at each retailer you want to purchase from.

You wouldn't show up to a gun fight with bullets in your pocket would you? Having an account already created puts the bullets into the gun. With your login information close at hand, you will be speeding through the checkout process. You have to be quick even after an item is added to your cart!

4. Remain VIGILANT!

If you think you are going to get your item on the first alert, you could be sorely wrong. Stock floats (in and out of stock) constantly. You might think NowInStock is lying to you. We are NOT. We get complaints all the time that our site is wrong, but I would say we are 99% accurate. On the extremely rare occasion when there is an error, it is typically only on speculative product notifications. Super hot items are not speculative. There will be times when you see the same thing we see where a product page says an item is in stock, but after adding the item to your cart and trying to checkout, you are denied. This is normal for some stores. If you can't handle this type of rejection from said retailers, do not add these retailers to your alerts! These retailers are typically marked in the tracker as 'Open to Errors'.

Keep in mind we are NEVER informed of how much stock is available. It could 2 units, or it could be 1,000 units. We just don't know. From doing this for the past 6 years, we have found that after a large inventory has been released at a given retailer, later that day and the following day, there will be an increased risk of floating stock, resulting in a barrage of in and out of stock statuses. We believe this is cancelled or returned items floating back into the system and being released for purchase, however it is a very small number of units. In the end, we triple check our work, and when you say there was no stock, there more than likely was, it was just consumed before you even got there.

5. If Email and TXT alerts are your ONLY option...

If you have no other way to receive alerts for this item other than via email or TXT, then I suggest you act crazy! What I mean by this, when you get an alert, and you arrive at the site only to find there is no stock available, you STAY on that page and continue to refresh the page by holding down CTRL and pressing F5 for the next 10-30 minutes, on about 20-30 second intervals. Might sound extreme, but this will provide you with the best opportunity to snag an item that may be floating in and out of stock. If after this time frame, you still have nothing, then go back to what you were doing and wait for the next alert to roll in.


If you still have questions after reading this guide, feel free to contact us directly via our contact form.

About Now In Stock

Welcome to NowInStock.NET. We are a web service that monitors online shopping web sites to see when products come in stock. This way you never have to filter through hundreds of pages, subject yourself to tons of notification emails, and so on. NowInStock brings everything together in one tight little package.

We continually add new products, let us know if you have any you would like to see here. If you like our service, let us know! We love to hear from you.


"Thanks guys! This service saved Christmas. My brother is a huge Fallout fan. I was so disappointed when the collector's edition sold out within hours of its release. But thanks to you fine folks I got an alert when one turned up at GameStop. Now it's sitting under the Christmas tree." -Steve