ASUS Transformer Prime in 3 Colors?

November 23rd, 2011

It appears that with the release of the J&R pre-orders for the ASUS Transformer Prime, there may be 3 different color options. Previously with Amazon and TigerDirect, there were just two colors, Champagne and Amethyst Grey/Gray. But after receiving my notice that pre-orders were available for the Prime at J&R, I found it interesting that there was a new color code ‘SL’ for Silver as stated on the J&R site.

This ‘SL’ code doesn’t show on either of the other two sites, so I am wondering just what exactly is going on. After examining the photos on all the sites, I think J&R just got it wrong and marked the Champagne ‘CG’ version as Silver ‘SL’. What reinforces this thought is they are also offering the Grey model but have the color code ‘GY’ instead of ‘GR’ as used on Amazon and TigerDirect. Not to mention is appears that J&R’s drive size codes are also different than the other two stores, showing ‘A1’ instead of ‘B1’ and ‘B1’ instead of ‘C1’ for each the 32Gb and 64GB models. I guess only time will tell.

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