Canon 6D Pre-order & In Stock Tracker Launched

September 16th, 2012

If you have been one of the many eagerly awaiting an update on the Canon 7D, then right now is your time. The next edition is the Canon 6D with a full-frame20.2 mega-pixel sensor. Just announced and appears to be a little before Canon cared to have it announced.

At any rate, what you really want to know is when can you place that pre-order for your new Canon 6D? Well we have just setup the new Canon 6D Tracker. Right now we are scanning for pre-order sales; later on, once we have an official release date, you may want to be alerted when it is in stock. Either way, login or register for a free account, add these items to your account and setup your alert options for each item. REMEMBER: If you want to know as soon as we see the pre-order option available at the tracked retailers, you need to turn on that pre-order toggle next to each item.