DDR Hottest Party

DDR Hottest Party In Stock Tracker for Wii

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

I just released the latest tracker to the mix. This is the Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Bundle for the Wii. Since there will be a lot of you getting Wii’s this holiday season and as a suggestion from a user, I have gone forth with adding this tracker. Stock has been very limited and I hope we can get a few of you some of them. I am only tracking the Bundle. Visit the DDR Hottest Party Tracker to sign up for email alerts.

Since this game is not in as much demand as the others, tracking will be run at a slower level to ensure more power to the more important products such as the Wii, GH3, Rock Band and Zune. If demand for DDR-HP picks up, I will adjust run times accordingly.