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Wii U Pre-orders Now Available at…

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Sam's Club. Sam's Club is the next one to step up to the plate this afternoon. I guess more and more stores are waiting on this version of the Wii to make sure they sell the appropriate amount of pre-orders. With the release date set for this Sunday, the 18th, I am sure they have confirmation on exactly how many Wii U units theuy will be receiving, or already have on hand. 

Check out our Wii U Tracker to see if Sam's still has pre-orders up for sale. If not, then be sure to signup for our FREE in stock alerts.

UPDATE: Well that didn't last too long, did it. Sam's is now reporting: "We're sorry.The requested quantity for this item is currently unavailable"

UPDATE Nov 15 – 6:26 PM EST: And they are back… I recommend you sticking it out and continue to refresh the page. You might be surprised at what transpires.

Wii U Console Pre-orders Still Available… Locally Speaking

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

If you are looking to pre-order the Wii U, then you might want to read the following:

Granted this is probably a very limited opportunity, but we have noticed that there are still units available in our area after first discovering this a few hours back. Also, we cannot say for certain if you will receive your purchase or not; this is dependent on Kmart, but it might just be worth an attempt with the release date set for this Sunday. PLEASE NOTE: You will be using their mobile site to complete the purchase, and you will have to pick up the device locally! Here are the instructions:

  1. This is a local Kmart purchase, but the order is placed online. So, after visiting one of the following links, you will need to enter your zip code at the top of the page so Kmart can determine if there are still units available in your area.
  2. Here are the links to each Wii U model on their mobile site:

    1. Wii U Deluxe – Black : Kmart – $349.99
    2. Wii U Basic – White : Kmart – $299.99
  3. If you cannot locate the item through the above links, you may need to browse to the consoles by taking this path from the Home menu:

    1. Browse
    2. Movie Music & Gaming
    3. Wii
    4. Wii Hardware
    5. Select your specific console from the list.

Good luck, hopefully your neighborhood locations will still have units available, but I am sure some areas will all be sold out already.

New Trackers Launched…

Monday, November 5th, 2012

We have been really busy here at NowInStock.net. Over the past week we have added several new trackers to the site. Some of these were requested by our users, while a few of them were added more for the general ease of price comparison. Here is a list of the following recently added trackers: