Diablo III Collector’s Edition In Stock!

May 15th, 2012

Over the past 11 hours, since the official release of Diablo III, we have seen the elusive Collector’s Edition stock become available at two major retailers. Target had the first stock available at 12:00 AM EST, with a decent showing of inventory that lasted just under an hour. Then, GameStop, at 9:26 AM EST, showed its hand with a barrage of inventory that lasted just over a half hour before the listing was removed from their site.

If you are one of those still holding out for the Diablo III Collector’s Edition, things are looking up. For how long, no one really knows other than Blizzard. But we suspect more inventory might show up over the next few hours, or even days.

First, head over to our Diablo III Collector’s Edition Tracker and see if stock is available. If no stock is available, and you want to be alerted as soon as we see inventory in stock and available for purchase, then be sure to register with NowInStock.net to receive our FREE in stock alerts!

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