Fable III Pre-Orders… Last Minute Deals!

October 23rd, 2010

Fable III is to release next Tuesday the 26th of October. While it is down to crunch time, there are still some stellar pre-order deals out there, but you’d better act fast!

And let me just tell you a brief synopsis of some of the deals out there… from Amazon’s stellar deal of a $20 video game credit for a future purchase, exclusive in-game content bonuses, and release-date shipping for only 99¢… all the way to the lowest of lows with Best Buy who offers absolutely no bonus what-so-ever. It is clear there are deals to be had.

Of all of the available pre-order options out there, we have broken down the stores so it will be easier for you to decided which deal best fits you:

Retailer Cost Bonus Shipping Buy
Amazon $59.99 $20 Video Game Credit, Exclusive in-game: Champion Hammer & Balance Tattoo + Design Your Own Character Now 99¢ Release-Date Delivery Buy Now!
Best Buy $59.99 NO bonus FREE Shipping, Not Release-date Buy Now!
GameStop $59.99 Exclusive in-game Tattoo & Sword + Access to Xbox Live Villager Maker $9.99 Release-Date Delivery Buy Now!
Walmart $59.99 $20 eGift Card, exclusive in-game The Absolver & Dragonbreath Tattoo 97¢ Release-Date Delivery Buy Now!