Galaxy Nexus Tracker Launched, A Lesson in Vigilance

December 16th, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This morning I added the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to the Verizon Mobile Phones In Stock Tracker. Not sure how many of these phones are out there, but I do know there was tremendous interest in this mobile phone. If stock continues to hold at the current levels, there will be options in getting your own Galaxy Nexus. Visit the aforementioned tracker to see where it is available. If stock dries up, well then sign up for our FREE in stock alerts and when our trackers see stock available for purchase, we will alert you! PLEASE NOTE: I am not sure how tracking will work with Verizon Wireless or more aptly, how accurate it will be. Typically you need to enter a zip code prior to adding an item to your account. Amazon Wireless and Best Buy are great in that there is no need for a zip code to see if stock is available.


If you have already read my note for acquiring super hot items, and you chose to heed the advice contained within, then you might have succeeded this morning with acquiring a LeapPad Explorer from Toys R Us. In Stock statuses began to show to our tracker at about 7:42 AM EST. It continued to pop in and out of stock for the next 30 minutes. Then all of the sudden at 8:12 AM EST inventory showed as in stock constantly for the next 44 minutes. This is a prime example of what I meant by Remaining Vigilant in that note. If you are still looking for a LeapPad Explorer and are signed up for alerts, then I really suggest you read the piece on Acquiring Super Hot Items as it currently applies to the LeapPad Explorer. I have directed many people to that note and many have thanked me as a result. I wrote it for a reason, to help you get that LeapPad Explorer!