World Tour Band Kit for Xbox 360 In Stock; Wii Version Still Elusive

November 6th, 2008

Have you been stumbling trying to find Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for the XBox 360 or the Wii? No need to continue the charades, has the insight to find you this unit at retail price without all the hassles.

While Amazon and other big box retailers continue to sell out of the newly released Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit, there is one place that is always good to check if stock is still available, Red Octane is the publisher of Guitar Hero and was a saving grace last holiday season when they had inventory and others didn’t. The best part is you pay retail price and get FREE Shipping. This is the major reason that continues to track inventory status at Red Octane. Their inventory is unparalleled when it comes to Guitar Hero products. This doesn’t mean they do not run out of stock, just that they will have it more frequently than other stores. At the time of writing this post, Guitar Hero World Tour for Xbox 360 was still in stock, while the Wii version of the game continues to be elusive and was last seen in stock at Amazon on October 31st for a few minutes.

Check out’s Guitar Hero World Tour Tracker for in stock avaialbility of all versions. If the unit you are looking for is not in stock, sign up for the FREE email alerts and as soon as stock is available we will shoot you an email.