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Pentax Cameras

Pentax Cameras

Looking for a Pentax Camera but coming up empty handed? Our site just might be able to help.


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Pentax Cameras Tracker

Product : Store Status1 Last Price1 Last In Stock1
K-3 Mark III Flagship (01051) : Amazon In Stock Too Low May 27 - 6:56 PM
K-3 Mark III Monochrome (01195) : B&H Photo Preorder $2,199.95 -
Ebay : All Models Stock Available - -

Recent Stock History

Date/Time Status
May 05 - 4:44 PM EST Amazon : K-3 Mark III Flagship (01051) In Stock for $?
May 05 - 4:42 PM EST B&H Photo : K-3 Mark III Monochrome (01195) Preorder for $2,199.95

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