Unsubscribe from Alerts

We offer alerts via many different platforms, so make sure to review each of the following options in order to effectively stop alerts.

Our own internal alerts sent directly from NowInStock.net:

These alerts can be emails or texts. Unsubscribe by logging into your account and delete all items from your account you no longer want alerted on. This will end the process of you receiving alerts.

Alternatively, you can also unsubscribe via an email alert. At the very bottom of the email, click the link to unsubscribe from either a single item or all items. Please note, in Gmail, your may need to click the "..." (elipse) at the bottom of the email to reveal these links.

Google Group Alerts:

These alerts can be email or text based, depending on how you initially set them up per our directions. Head over to groups.google.com and remove yourself from any "NowInStock.net" Google Groups.

Telegram Alerts:

Remove yourself from any NowInStock.net Channels or Groups within the Telegram app of your choice. These channels/groups will be labeled with "NowInStock.net" in the name.

Discord Alerts:

Remove yourself from our NowInStock.net Server.


"The Epson ET-8550 printers are just about impossible to get unless you pay 200% of list from (Amazon) scalpers. That is probably what I would have ended up doing if not for the mighty programming talents behind NowInStock. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!" -Dave