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Nikon V1

Nikon V1

Nikon V1 small sensor mirrorless camera system.


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V1 w/10-30mm & 30-110mm (Black) : Amazon Out of Stock $644.95 Oct 14 - 6:24 PM
V1 w/10-30mm & 30-110mm (Black) : B&H Photo Out of Stock $399.00 Feb 21 - 5:24 PM
V1 w/10-30mm (Black) : Amazon Out of Stock $349.00 Dec 05 - 5:24 PM
V1 w/10-30mm (Black) : B&H Photo Out of Stock $349.00 Feb 16 - 5:24 PM
V1 w/10mm & 10-30mm (Black) : Amazon Out of Stock $499.00 Nov 10 - 5:24 PM
V1 w/10mm & 10-30mm (Black) : B&H Photo Out of Stock $399.00 Feb 12 - 5:24 PM
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More About Nikon V1

The Nikon V1 will be released throughout the United States beginning October 20th. The Nikon V1 camera with 10-30mm lens kit will be available for a suggested retail price of $899.95.


Key Features – Nikon Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses

  • The new Nikon 1 system is a revolutionary system, built from the ground up - Engineered specifically to strike the balance of performance, intuitive simplicity and portable design to enable users to capture and share their world like never before. This system is a platform for the future and targeted towards the expressive user who is connected to their world socially. The new 1 Mount is fully electronic, allowing for amazing speed and response

  • High Speed AF CMOS Sensor - New 10.1 megapixel CX-format High Speed AF CMOS sensor engineered for this new system to deliver amazing image quality. Overall, it is one of the major components attributing to the optimally balanced package which was engineered to deliver the ultimate balance of portable form factor and image quality

  • New EXPEED 3 image processing engine - Dual core image processor helps drive amazing performance and speed

  • The Nikon 1 system has the worlds fastest AF - the cameras use a new advanced hybrid autofocus system that enables fast AF with 73 focus points. The advanced hybrid autofocus system combines phase detection AF, which enables faster focusing and superior subject tracking performance with moving subjects, while contrastdetect AF performs well in low-light conditions

  • Fast continuous shot - Users can also shoot at 10 fps, while frame after frame the full adaptive AF system will yield sharp photos. It also has the worlds fastest full resolution continuous shooting speed at 60 fps (AF locked)

  • It’s simple and intuitive - Thanks to smart technologies, the camera and interface are intuitive, and the user will want to capture more of their world

  • Motion Snapshot - By selecting the Motion Snapshot icon from the command dial at the back of the camera, consumers can capture fleeting moments with staggering depth and emotion like never before. The result unites a frozen still image with a slow-motion movement set to a built-in audio soundtrack to create a portrayal of an occurrence with maximum impact

    • Works in conjunction with bundled Short Movie Creator Software and my Picturetown

  • Smart Photo Selector - When a “can’t miss” photo opportunity arises, users can switch to the Smart Photo Selector mode which uses the camera’s pre-cache to start shooting and storing images. All of these images are analyzed within the camera, and the best photo is selected based on a number of factors including exposure, composition, focus and advanced facial recognition

  • Design and style - Both the camera technology and exterior design were inspired by the pursuit of balance of form factor and performance. The Minimalist interface inspires creativity, while an intuitive GUI makes users want to delve into advanced features

  • Full HD 1080p movies - Users can capture Full HD 1080p movies, along with simultaneous capture of high quality still and movie. Users can also enjoy slow motion effects, and select from a variety of frame rates.

  • The Nikon J1 - Designed to become a part of a lifestyle, and color choices with matching kit lenses include White, pink, red, silver, black. The Nikon V1 camera adds features such as a High Res EVF, mic jack, high endurance mechanical shutter, Multi-Accessory Port for accessories like new GPS and flash

  • Available Lenses include a new Silent Stepping Motor for whisper quiet operation (All prices suggested retail price)

    • Kit lens – 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (kit lens)

    • Pancake lens - 1 NIKKOR 10mm f/2.8 lens ($249.95)

    • Zoom lens - 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 lens ($249.95)

    • Nikon’s first power zoom (ideal for recording movies) – 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 ($749.95)

    • SB-N5 Speedlight is $149.95

    • GP-N100 GPS unit is $149.95.

  • Price and availability (suggested retail price)

    • Product availability October 20th. Suggested retail price is $649.95 for the J1 lens kit, and $899.95 for the V1 lens kit.    


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