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Below are testimonials provided by you! No BS here. These are 100% REAL testimonials. I love every bit of it, and is what truly motivates me to keep this tracker rolling.

"I have been trying to score an Asus transformer for about a month now with no luck. I happened across your site, signed up, and had the transformer on it's way within a few days! It was very easy, the only catch was I had to act fast, as most of the "in stock" situations changed in less than a half an hour. Thanks again. You guys are my new favorite site!!"
~Dave P.

"Thanks for your help this holiday season, it was very helpful in finding a Wii for myself and my brother back at home. Now we can play online together."

"This was awesome! I made myself crazy bouncing on and off websites checking stock for TMX Elmo. Once I found this, the next day I got an email, clicked, paid, DONE! Thanks so much!"

"I had three Wii Alert Website, and yours is the fastest and the best alert for the Nintendo Wii, thanks I have the Wii before Christmas!..THANK YOU"

"I just wanted to thank you for providing this great service. I was having a heck of a time finding a Nintendo DS Lite. Then I found your site, got several alerts but was to slow to react, but finally scored one via Amazon today. Just opened the email, clicked the link, and boom. Awesome."

"I just wanted to say thanks to the creator of this site. It helped me to get my hands on a Wii and i'm sure it's helping several more who are frantically pursuing the Wii in time for Christmas."

"Awesome.....I think that about covers it :P"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Because of you I was able to just get a Wii for my daughter!"

"thank u sooooooo much. just orded a wii. happened to be logged on at the right moment. now i don't have to wake up at 4am to wait anywhere."

"GOT THE WAL MART BUNDLE THANKS TO YOUR BAD ASS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Hey, any chance your thinking about putting wii controllers on the tracker? They are harder to find then the wii console"

"i came across your site by accident really and i am so glad i did, it found me a wii console when i thought my son would be disappointed for christmas. i have now included you in my bookmark. Thank you, "
~ Amanda

"I just wanted to say thanks. I'd given up hope of finding a Wiii before Xmas and had hunted high and low. I signed up for alerts around last night. Iand recieved an alert this morning. I was able to buy from Amazon at list price. Altogther I was registed for less than 8 hours before purcahsing. cheers."

"Fantastic service - couldn't believe it was a free service. Last night I wondered how on earth I was going to tell my two children asking for the wii -(one of which wrote to Santa!) that they were not going to get it - I signed up not really convinced if it would be worthwhile and as I woke the next morning to an email in my inbox telling me to hurry to a particular website to purchase the console - which I did! Thank you so much - wish you far far more sucess than the sharks selling the goods for twice the price on ebay!!!!!"

"Thanks to you I was able to get the PS3 from Gamestop. Thanks!"

"Thanks to your site I was aware of the Circuit City Wii Bundle the moment it came out. After succesfully placing my order for the Wii I can honestly tell you that you are the only reason I was able to get my hands on the elusive Wii. THANK YOU!"
~ chris

"I saw your post yesterday on amazon about your site and added you into my favorites. I refreshed my screen this morning one last time before having to be gone for a bit and saw that Circuit City had the Wii bundle. It was just the perfect one I was looking for! I had it purchased and confirmed within 5 minutes! Thank you very much!"

"Thanks for the great service. No way I was going to wait overnight / stand in line for a video game. Coming to your site made it effortless to get a Wii at retail price."
~ tangeline

"Just wanted to say thanks! You have an excellent service: you built a nice, fast site with no ads. I've kept a tab open with NowinStock.net for about a week. I was walking by my laptop and decided to hit refresh, and poof - your page listed the Wii available at Amazon and I was able to jump on it. Thanks again!"

"Hey Justin just wanted to thank you for what you did for the Wii hunters out there. Is a great service :) ...I was one of the lucky ones that snagged a Wii from amazon and now that its shipped I can breathe a sigh of relief."
~ jager

"Finally Found the Nintendo Wii - Thanks to NowInStock.net"
~ Ken H

"This site worked great, and I ended up getting a Wii in the exact bundle that I wanted. Fantastic website. Keep it up!"
~ david

"Thanks, guys. Your site and unfunded, un-advertised service helped me be a Christmas Hero this year. God Bless you, Every one!"

"Hi, Justin - Thank you so much for your alerts. This is a great site and it now has a permanent home in my favorites. I'll be sure to check in here whenever I am searching for a hard-to-find item. Thank you again."
~ mrandnew

"Thanks for the great service. I got a Wii yesterday with its help."
~ annonymous

"This is a fantastic site/service. I was able to score 2 PS3's yesterday. I stayed up till 2 in the morning the night the PS3 went on sale and didn't get one. I signed up for the email alerts and had two in my cart within 5 seconds of it being in stock!"

"I found your service extrememly helpful! Thanks so much!"

"Just wanted to say . . .THANKS! Wow, I actually made the mistake of paying for an email service to let me know when a Wii was in stock. Thanks to you I'll have my new Nintendo for Christmas. Amazing and free. Most importanly, IT JUSST WORKS!. Can't thank you enough."

" you rock!! Got a Wii today at Sam's Club. Thank you so much for your awesome service. Have a great holiday,"

"Justin, thanks to your tracker, I was able to score the Wii Adventure Bundle from eToys - received it today just in time for X-mas! My son has been asking for the Wii every day since the launch (of course he did not want it beforehand when I could have done a pre-order), and I was convinced that he was going to be very sad come X-mas morning. Thanks for helping me be the best "Santa" ever - sweet site! "

"It worked! Thanks!"

"Thank you for your help in finding a wii for my son. We have been searching since his birthday in November, and finally my timing was right!"

"Your site helped me score an XMas present for my son that I would have never found! Thanx bud!"

"Thanks for the wonderful and ungodly fast site. I completely missed everything at the launch and was tempted to go to ...gasp... Ebay. But thanks to you I now have a Wii ordered and on the way before Christmas. Thanks."

"You provide an awesome service! I, literally, have been calling and visiting local stores daily. Thanks to your alert I just secured a Wii from eToys. This was the only thing my son wanted for Christmas. Thanks to you it will be a great holiday for everyone!!!"

"I just wanted to say thanks for providing this website. I was able to score a Wii from Amazon thanks to your e-mail alerts, and I wouldn't have been able to get one otherwise. Thanks again, great job!"

"I was skeptical at first looking at how often the things were restocked in the past on their website, but figured I really wanted a Nintendo Wii console, so I signed up for multiple e-mail notifications after only a few clicks. I figured, it would only help my quest to get a system along with the constant calling to almost every retailer in the area trying to find a system. Well, literally 2 days after I signed up for the e-mail notifications, I got an e-mail that one retailer was in stock, and they even included a direct link inside the notification e-mail. I immediately messaged a friend of mine with the link as well, and got on the site and purchased a console, probably within 60 seconds. My friend also was able to get a console. After my purchase, I looked back on the original page and the not-so-friendly message "Sold Out!!" was listed again, all within a matter of minutes. I got a console, and so did a friend of mine, all thanks to NowinStock.net - I and my friend Chris thank you, because we've both been tirelessly searching for over 2 weeks, and it only took 2 days thanks to NowinStock.net."

"Great site Justin - you helped me secure my PS3!
See you in a few years for PS4!!!!"
~ stakes

"I CAN'T Believe IT!!!! I had just returned from yet another 4:30 a.m. trip to the 2 Walmart stores in my area hoping to be able to get a coupon for 1 of the 9 Nintendo Wii's they each had in stock at 8 a.m. this morning, WHEN I just happened to discover this most AMAZING site and tool !! I subscribed immediately and while I was here I continued to refresh my screen.....Circuit City...IN STOCK...3 MINUTES later my Nintendo Wii is on its way, allowing me to continue to be "The Greatest Grandma Ever"!!! Can't THANK YOU enough Jason, you and your service is Awesome!!!!!"

"You were literally an answer to prayer!!! I was losing hope on getting the Nintendo Wii in time for Christmas, and within minutes of finding your website I had purchased one from Circuit City.
Thank you so much!!!!"

"Just wanted to say thank you one hundred times over! Got the alert and after many attempts I was finally successful! You've made an 11 year old very happy and I can not wait to see his face on Christmas!"

"Great service and up-to-date availability! I was able to get the Nintendo Wii Sports Bundle from Amazon within a minute or so after it became available. This wouldn't have been possible without the alert system that you have in place. Thanks!!!"
~ voicesofthehills

"I just wanted to thank you for this site. I was able to get a package from Amazon last night based on your alerts. It's going to make my son very happy for Xmas. Now I don't have to camp over night at Target this weeked! Again thank you very much."
~ Mike

"Your site is great, definately one of the best of its kind and ONE that works....I signed up one morning and got more than I needed, got an alert later that day, and got what I was looking for!!! Thanks!!!!"
~ vazquez

"Thank you so much for your alerts. This is a great site and it now has a permanent home in my favorites. I'll be sure to check in here whenever I am searching for a hard-to-find item. Thank you again."
~ mrandrew

"I absolutely love your service! I managed to get the Wii bundle from WalMart thanks to you! Thank you for your help - the kids will think I'm the coolest mom ever!"
~ jasyd

"Site worked great. Glad for the much needed help you guys gave me. Thanks for everything."
~ eleyjason

"This is a great program. Thanks! Until I found your website I was going crazy trying to get one for my boy."
~ jdenbow

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