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LeapPad Ultra - Green : Amazon In Stock$109.00 Dec 10 - 7:22 PM
LeapPad Ultra - Green : Best Buy In Stock$111.99 Dec 10 - 2:46 PM
LeapPad Ultra - Green : Walmart Out of Stock$109.00 Dec 03 - 7:57 PM
LeapPad Ultra - Pink : Amazon In Stock$106.26 Dec 10 - 8:07 PM
LeapPad Ultra - Pink : Best Buy In Stock$112.99 Dec 10 - 7:26 PM
LeapPad Ultra - Pink : Walmart Out of Stock$109.99 Dec 03 - 10:16 PM

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Date/Time Status
Dec 04 - 4:18 AM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Pink Out of Stock
Dec 04 - 2:00 AM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Green Out of Stock
Dec 02 - 7:19 AM ESTBest Buy : LeapPad Ultra - Green In Stock for $111.99
Dec 02 - 1:17 AM ESTBest Buy : LeapPad Ultra - Green Out of Stock
Dec 01 - 9:56 PM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Pink In Stock for $109.99
Dec 01 - 1:32 PM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Green In Stock for $109.00
Dec 01 - 9:52 AM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Pink Out of Stock
Nov 30 - 3:29 PM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Pink In Stock for $109.99
Nov 29 - 9:22 AM ESTWalmart : LeapPad Ultra - Pink Out of Stock
Nov 29 - 12:51 AM ESTBest Buy : LeapPad Ultra - Green In Stock for $109.99

More About LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad Ultra is the latest release from LeapFrog of the ever popular kid's tablet. And this latest installment doesn't disappoint like LeapPad2 did last year. It appears that LeapFrog finally address a lot of the complaints about the previous two iteration of the LeapPad.

Here is a comparison of the most important features between the LeapPad2 and LeapPad Ultra:

  LeapPad2 LeapPad Ultra
Recommended Age 3-9 yrs 4-9 years
Touch Screen 5" Resistive Touch 7" Light-Touch
Screen Reolution 480x272 1024x600
Processor 550MHz 800MHz
On-Board Memory 4GB 8GB
Wi-Fi - Yes, Kid-Safe
Motion Sensor Yes Yes
Cameras 2MP Photos
240P Videos
2MP Photos
480P Videos
MP3 Player Sold Separately Built-In
Rechargable Battery Sold Separately Built-In Lithium-Ion
AC Adapter - Included
Peer-to-Peer Play* - Included

While the new tablet has a recommended age increase of 1 year, probably because of the larger screen size or weight, the amount of new features is just awesome. Bigger screen with almost 3x the resolution. 50% increase in computing power and double the storage. Wi-Fi finally exists! Built-in MP3 player and Lithium-ion battery! And lastly, the ability for little ones to play each other over the Wi-Fi with the Peer-to-Peer Play feature, *but will be dependent on game support. Now the price is a 50% increase going from $100 to $150, but with everything inside the machine and not accessory upgradeable, this will make mom and dad's job much simpler. Everything will exist in one complete package. The only downside I see with the Ultra is the 2MP Photos. This very poor and doesn't leave the little one's with very good photos to save. Would have been nice to see a 5MP photos and slightly better video. It will just disappointing when our little one's look back in 20 years to see what they thought was cool but look so terrible.

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