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Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi

The latest release of the Nintendo hand-helds, the Nintendo DSi, has been released in Japan and will soon reveal itself within the US. Be one of the first to get your hands on this highly anticipated Nintendo DSi units.


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Nintendo DSi Tracker

Product : Store Status1 Last Price1 Last In Stock1
DSi Black : Amazon Out of Stock $106.80 Oct 09 - 7:20 PM
DSi Blue : Amazon Out of Stock $149.00 Jan 08 - 6:20 AM
DSi Metallic Blue Bundle : Amazon Out of Stock See Site Oct 19 - 9:20 PM
DSi Pink : Amazon Out of Stock $149.99 Jan 07 - 3:20 PM
DSi White : Amazon Out of Stock $149.99 Apr 18 - 3:20 PM
DSi White Bundle : Amazon Out of Stock $149.99 Oct 17 - 6:20 PM
Ebay : All Models Stock Available - -

Recent In Stock History

Date/Time Status
unknown EST : for $?

More About Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is the next generation DS handheld unit to come from the creative minds of the Nintendo empire. This new unit has increased many different specifications of the current DS Lite unit and launched in Spring of 2009 in the US. Use the above tracker and FREE email alerts to be notified as soon as preorders are released.

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