Guide to Acquiring a Microsoft Series X at Target

December 8th, 2021

Last updated on September 28th, 2023 at 09:47 am

Reports of people being able to grab an Xbox Series X at their local Targets are coming in. Visit or call (some stores will not answer calls) the electronics department, be nice, be persistent, and you might get lucky!

Again, remember when visiting/calling your store’s electronics department to be nice. If confronted with an employee that says online sales only, explain that customers across the nation are getting theirs by walk-in purchase. Maybe even talk to a manager. Some stores do have stricter rules because of customer safety concerns so walk-in purchases may be off the table or occur at only certain times of the day.

Since the last time we reported of Target walk-in success (Nov 12th), there were online sales for select stores that occurred between 2-6 AM ET on the Target website. If you find that this is truly the only way your store only sells, then you will need to stalk the Target website around these times.

IF you are told by an employee “X units will be here in 3 days,” consider this a good sign that stock is on the way. HOWEVER, show up and ask nicely again tomorrow and the next day. We had many reports during the last in-store drop where this occurred. Users were told in 3 days stock will be there, they showed up in 3 days only to be told it sold out yesterday. Just like online orders, persistence pays off, but again be nice!

Targets typically get two shipments a day. Future stock numbers on scanners are not always accurate and consoles can show up randomly or not. The goal is to be there when that shipment is being unpacked. Determining when your local stores unload/unpack those shipments is key to finding success.

You can also ask an associate to scan the Microsoft Series X UPC code below. They should be able to tell you their inventory and any other local Target locations inventory. We have had reports of people not being successful at store #1 only to be told store #2 had x units in stock which resulted in a successful hunt.

Microsoft Series X UPC code
Series X UPC

Try to form a rapport, and again, be nice!

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