Last Chance, Ends Today – Xbox 360 w/Kinect Deals $199+

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Xbox 360 with Kinect still only $199.99BUT this is the last day to save the $100+ on the Xbox 360. This sale at Microsoft Store ends today if not sooner as it also ends when inventories are gone. Not sure where the prices will go after today, but more than likely back to $299 and $399 respectively. As of writing this post, Microsoft Store still has stock available.

Here are the options still available and in stock at writing time:

4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect$199.99
250GB Holiday Bundle with Kinect & 2 Games$299.99
Ultimate Gaming Bundle – 250GB console with Kinect, 3 games, one of your choice, LIVE card, points card, memory stick, extra controller – $394.99 (Ends 1/8/12)

If you want to see if inventory is still available then head over to Microsoft Store with the links above, or check our Xbox 360 In Stock Tracker.

Kinect! Still In Stock… 24 Hours Later

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Wow! We went from a near barren virtual shelf to a packed shelf with 24 consecutive hours of Kienct being in stock at Amazon. If anyone out there is still having trouble finding a Kinect in stock, then they aren’t looking in the right places… ughhhmm…! The next question becomes… will this last major shipment to Amazon be the last for some time, or will the item be everywhere you look after the holidays. I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to have planned it this way to build hype during the holiday season, but a few things speak to me to contradict such a scheme.

One, the Kinect has been receiving pretty decent reviews. Everywhere I look, I am seeing 4-5 stars for ratings. Granted this could be Xbox 360 fanboys, but it should equate out to be less than than 4-5 stars if there was truly something wrong with the device. Even fanboys can’t push ratings whenever a device is flawed.

Two, Micrsoft has sold a lot of Kinects. According to reports, they have sold over a million units within the first 10 days alone. That is a hefty amount of devices to be shelling out, especially for a $150 item.

Third is the amount of money spent in producing Kinect. We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars spent, and why would Microsoft shun anyone from trying to buy the unit. They have a lot of money that needs to be recouped in order to break even. If each unit reportedly costs $56 dollars to make, and they are selling the unit for $150, then they are well on their way to already being profitable.

If you are one those out there still looking for Kinect, check out our Kinect Tracker. If stock isn’t available, then sign up for our FREE in stock alerts. We will try our hardest to help you find one fast. Better than driving around town looking.

More Kinects In Stock & Weekly Update

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Well this holiday season is turning out to be one that will put some smiles a lot of little faces out there. Amazon just released a new stock of Microsoft Kinect’s about an hour ago. If you are still looking for Kinect, then head over to our Kinect In Stock Tracker and see if stock is still available. If not, then register for the FREE in stock alerts, and we will notify you when the items you want alerted on come in stock.

Kinect Tracker

As stated in the opening, Kinects this season still remain somewhat elusive, but the inventory still keeps flowing in weekly. This season has been really kind to the users of and we hope to continue the trend going forward to help put more smiles on those little faces this season. If you know anyone still looking for a Kinect, make sure you send them to and the Kinect Tracker. Also tell them to sign up for the FREE alerts!

New Android Tablet Tracker

This past weekend we added a new Android™ Tablet In Stock Tracker. The much anticipated ARCHOS 101 tablet has been a little elusive not to mention the barrage of other Android tablets coming down the pipes. If you are interested in picking up any of these new ARCHOS tablets, then make sure you sign up for the FREE alerts. Also, if there are any other hard-to-find Android tablets out there we are not tracking, then by all means send in your suggestions.

Contacting – Contact form down for past week

No, we weren’t ignoring you! In an effort to fight our in stock alert emails from getting denied by SPAM filters, we made a few changes to our server last week. As a result of these changes, we found out our contact form suffered an error which we were unaware of. So, if you tried to contact us in the past week via our contact form, we didn’t get your message unfortunately. Please resend any messages you might have sent, we want to hear what you have to say!

Kinect Back In Stock Already

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Wow, I was wrong… in the weekly update I was thinking this Friday would be the next day the Kinect stock would arrive. It is Wednesday and we have stock available already! Now we just more of those 250GB Xbox Kinect Bundles to show up.

If you are still looking for a Microsoft Kinect, then make sure to head over to the Kinect In Stock Tracker to see if stock is still available. If stock is no longer available, then make sure to sign up for the FREE in stock alerts. Stock will more than likely be available next week at the current rate we are seeing.

I must also commend Amazon on their new purchase policy regards to hot items. They are really cracking down on resellers. While I know has reseller subscribers, this was never the intention of creating the site. It was to help regular consumers acquire the hot items without overpaying. Plus, for to identify resellers would require the gathering of more personal information which is never a good thing. As a result, we always felt the power to control these resellers was the retailers themselves. This time around their purchase policy seems to really affect the resellers ability to purchase multiple units and hence inventory is lasting longer. Now all of you can get your Kinects in a more timely manner at a respectable price.

Weekly Tracker Updates – Kinect, Xbox 360, D7000, GTX 580

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Time for the weekly tracker updates so all of our users remain informed.

Tracker Updates

This past week we had some serious stock arrive. Thank you to all of those users that have subscribed and continue to promote We try our damnedest to make sure that everyone of our subscribers gets what they are looking for in a timely manner, but of course this is also dictated by the retailers and their inventories.

Kinect Tracker

As suspected last week, Kinect stock is diminishing rapidly… even the Kinect bundles are going fast. This past Friday though, we saw a really nice unbundled Kinect offering from Amazon and really hope this trend continues this Friday. Why this Friday… well from our collected data, it appears that there is another shipment expected to arrive from Microsoft to the Amazon warehouses this Friday. Last week, the 250GB Xbox Kinect Bundle was available for preorder from Amazon with an expected shipment on December 11th, then another shipment was noted a day later for release on December 12th. From this, we could infer that sometime later this week we can expect some form of shipment from Microsoft… could there be more Kinects on the same truck? Remember this is pure speculation, only Amazon and Microsoft know when the next set of Kinects are expected to arrive, heck I bet Amazon doesn’t even know, hence why there are not pre-orders for the Kinect. If you are still looking for a Kinect, then be sure to visit our Kinect In Stock Tracker and sign up for the FREE in stock alerts.

Xbox 360 Tracker

If you read the above Kinect update, then you will see that there was some pre-order action going on last week for the 250GB Kinect Bundles at Amazon. Also, we had a stellar inventory of 4GB Kinect Bundles being offered from Amazon, that sold out in a slow enough manner that allowed a lot of you to get your hands on one. We hope this trend continues with a little more solid offerings on the 250GB Kinect Bundles instead of just pre-orders. If you are one of the subscribers in the market for a 250GB Kinect Bundle, please remember you will need to be really fast. This is the particularly hot model and inventory will fly off the virtual shelves. Visit the Xbox 360 Tracker for current stock statuses.

Nikon D7000 Tracker

The Nikon D7000 Body continues to elude us. While supplies of the Nikon D7000 Kit continue to remain in stock a variety of online retailers. While earlier this morning no one had stock of even the Kits, Best Buy was sure to replenish its stock by this afternoon. Kits from OneCall and Vann’s seem to have be cleaned out, but may return soon as well. But where are those Body Only D7000’s everyone wants? Looking for a Nikon D7000, then visit the tracker.

Monster High and Lalaloopsy Trackers

Both of these toys continue to have high demand with extremely low inventories. We think a lot of the retailers are pushing more inventory to their brick and mortar stores rather than to their online stores. Visit each respective tracker and sign up for FREE alerts: Monster High Tracker & Lalaloopsy Tracker

New Trackers

NVIDIA GTX 580 Tracker Launched

This morning we added a new tracker for the NVIDIA GTX 580. Inventory on the latest release of video cards from NVIDIA seems to be holding up well compared to last year’s GTX 480 release. While there is a stock available from across the many lines of video cards manufacturers, stock is still limited and there is a chance with the holidays that it will all vanish. It is clear that last years limited supply was truly dependent on the the release of DirectX 11. This year the GTX 580 cards are just upgrades to those initial 480 cards. We added the tracker just to make sure we had our bases covered in case the card demand starts to out strip inventories.

Side Notes

B&H Photo Tracking Live

B&H Photo tracking is live once again. You can Custom Track the items you want from B&H or Amazon, or select B&H from any of the other trackers where they are featured.

Till next week, hang in there, will help you get one!

Kinect & Xbox 306 Kinect Stock – Down with the Bundle Bundlers

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

I love it whenever stock becomes available from those retailers that refuse to bundle their merchandise. In the case of Kinect and the Xbox 360 this year, we have seen the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle being bundled again with other items. I call these the Bundled Bundles and those that do it the Bundle Bundlers. Today was the first day we saw some relief from this trend thanks to both Amazon and

If you are still looking for these items, then make sure to sign up for a FREE account and add the items you want alerted on to your account. Heck, you might want to check the respective trackers first to make sure some inventory isn’t still hanging around:

Visit the Kinect In Stock Tracker >

Visit the Xbox 360 In Stock Tracker >

Good luck all this holiday season and we hope can help you get what you want.

Kinect Tracker Update

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

It has come time to start adding Kinect Bundles to the Kinect In Stock Tracker. There continues to be a lack of standard Kinects available as stock rarely shows up and the last big offering of the stand alone units being last Friday at Amazon. As such we have begun adding the first of the Kinect Bundles to the tracker.

GameStop has a couple of Kinect Bundles, Sports, Fitness and Dance. Each of these GameStop Kinect Bundles comes with Kinect and two extra games for the low price of $250.

Dell Home/Consumer has been offering a multitude of bundle options. They have bundles with one game, bundles with two games, and bundles with Live Gold Subscriptions for all of your online gaming, plus they have bundles with an extra game and live subscription.

We have been featuring the Walmart Bundle for some time since Walmart never even had the stand alone Kinect for sale online.

The time has come to start seriously thinking bundles if you want the Kinect for Christmas day. If history tells anything when it comes to hot video game items, bundles rule the world when demand seriously outstrips supply.

If you are currently a registered user, then you will need to log in and add these new bundles to your account. If you are not a registered user, you will need to create a FREE account, then add the items you want alerted on. If you are just starting your search for Kinect, you better up your game, these guys will be hard to find by December 25th. Upping your chances beings with

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