Kinect! Still In Stock… 24 Hours Later

December 15th, 2010

Wow! We went from a near barren virtual shelf to a packed shelf with 24 consecutive hours of Kienct being in stock at Amazon. If anyone out there is still having trouble finding a Kinect in stock, then they aren’t looking in the right places… ughhhmm…! The next question becomes… will this last major shipment to Amazon be the last for some time, or will the item be everywhere you look after the holidays. I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to have planned it this way to build hype during the holiday season, but a few things speak to me to contradict such a scheme.

One, the Kinect has been receiving pretty decent reviews. Everywhere I look, I am seeing 4-5 stars for ratings. Granted this could be Xbox 360 fanboys, but it should equate out to be less than than 4-5 stars if there was truly something wrong with the device. Even fanboys can’t push ratings whenever a device is flawed.

Two, Micrsoft has sold a lot of Kinects. According to reports, they have sold over a million units within the first 10 days alone. That is a hefty amount of devices to be shelling out, especially for a $150 item.

Third is the amount of money spent in producing Kinect. We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars spent, and why would Microsoft shun anyone from trying to buy the unit. They have a lot of money that needs to be recouped in order to break even. If each unit reportedly costs $56 dollars to make, and they are selling the unit for $150, then they are well on their way to already being profitable.

If you are one those out there still looking for Kinect, check out our Kinect Tracker. If stock isn’t available, then sign up for our FREE in stock alerts. We will try our hardest to help you find one fast. Better than driving around town looking.