Text Alerts Via Email Alerts Guide

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As NowInStock.net has grown over the years, what comes with this is an increase in scale. Unfortunately, we have always relied on 3rd-party providers to complete the last leg of our alert deliveries and continue to do so. It is just too cost prohibitive to use anything other than email-to-text alerting based on the sheer volume of alerts we send. As a result, sometimes email providers and mobile carriers throttle (rate limit) or even black-hole (delete) our alerts.

Below are instructions to help you continue receiving in stock alerts if your carrier is one of those blocking our email-to-text alerts AND you use Gmail. If you are using another email provider, it may or may not be available to forward email. Hotmail you can do it. Basically, you are having your email provider forward our emails, from [email protected], to your mobile device’s email-to-text address. Below are instructions for Gmail – this can also be done in Hotmail – where you can forward the email to your mobile device with Filters:

  1. Get your Email-to-Text/SMS Address:
    Your email-to-text address typically is: “[email protected]” where “number” = your 10-digit phone number & “mobilegateway.com” = your mobile carrier’s gateway. Below are a list of common mobile gateways.

    1. Common mobile gateways:
      Verizon: Your10DigitNumber@vtext.com
      AT&T: Your10DigitNumber@txt.att.net
      Cricket: Your10DigitNumber@mms.cricketwireless.net
      Sprint: Your10DigitNumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
      T-Mobile USA: Your10DigitNumber@tmomail.net
    2. If your mobile carrier is NOT above, find your carrier and corresponding gateway in this list
  2. Adding a Forwarding Address to Gmail
    1. In Gmail, navigate to (Gear Icon) > Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP (Tab) > Add a Forwarding Address (button). Click the button.
    2. Enter your mobile’s Email-to-Text address (see below for more details) and click Next.
    3. Click Proceed in the pop-up.
    4. You should receive a code via text on your phone. The code should be the 9-digit number in the message, i.e. “((#123456789) Gmail Forwarding Confirmation…”
    5. Within the Gmail Forwarding interface, enter the verification code. Click Verify.
    6. Make sure Disable Forwarding is still selected as you do NOT want to forward all of your emails.
  3. Setting up a Gmail Filter to forward NowInStock.net alerts.
    1. In Gmail, navigate to (Gear Icon) > Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses (tab) > Create a new filter (text link).
    2. Enter[email protected]” into the From field. Click “Create filter”.
    3. Check the box next to “Forward it to:”, select your email-to-text address in the Choose Your Address drop-down, and click Create Filter button.
    4. All set… next time we send an alert to your Gmail account from “[email protected]”, Gmail will forward the message to your mobile device.
  4. Stop forwarding mobile alerts within Gmail
    1. In Gmail, navigate to (Gear Icon) > Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses (tab)
    2. Check the box next to the filter that says “Matches: from:([email protected])”
    3. Click the Delete button.
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