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Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera Released, Tracking Now

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Canon has released their first mirrorless camera model, the Canon EOS M, combining the imaging quality of a DSLR with the convenience of a point and shoot in one single body. The small, portable size allows you to easily take it everywhere you go, so you’re always ready to capture the world around you. Continue Reading this Article…

Update – ASUS Transformer, Toshiba Android, Chromebooks, and more.

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Wow, this past week has been really busy. Below is a quick update on some new things released here at

ASUS Transformer Madness!

The ASUS Transformer continues to be on fire. I even picked one up myself to give it a whirl since I have been waiting for the best Android tablet to come along at a reasonable price. The device does not go without some issues (to be expected), but overall my laptop has definitely seen less usage over the past week. It definitely is a nice device to have around. Now I just need to get that Android app coded. If you are still looking for an ASUS Transformer to add to your tech collection, then head over to the ASUS Transformer In Stock Tracker and sign up for the FREE in stock alerts.

Toshiba Android Tablet Tracker Launched

We launched a Toshiba Android Tablet Tracker. Not many stores are currently listed, but more will be added as more retailers begin to list this item. This is another highly anticipated Android tablet, but rumors of high cost might ward off potential customers especially with the recent ASUS Transformer release. Want FREE in stock alerts for the Toshiba Android tablet? Head over to the Toshiba Android Tablet Tracker.

Chromebooks are coming!

The laptop might be nearing its end if Google has its way. The ever expanding cloud is coming to a netbook near you in the form of Chromebooks. Running the ChromeOS, these device don’t warrant large storage, the intent is to keep everything in the cloud and give users nothing but a browser and some apps. Currently, Chromebooks are being manufactured by Acer and Samsung at the time of this post with more to come I am sure. If you want to know the minute pre-orders for these devices begin, then head over to the new Chromebooks In Stock Tracker and sign up for the FREE alerts. If you want pre-order alerts for Chromebooks, make sure you turn on the pre-order switch! As soon as Best Buy launches product pages for Chromebooks, we will add them to the tracker and send all subscribers an update email so you can add them to your account.

Canon Video Cameras – XA10 HD

Lastly, we had a user request for another video camera tracker, the 2nd in a weeks time with the last one being the Sony Video Camera Tracker. The Canon XA10 is a newly released video camera that is back-ordered all over the place. If you are one of those people looking for the Canon XA10, then head over to the Canon Video Camera Tracker and sign up for the FREE alerts! We will notify you as soon as we see stock available for purchase.


Site Update: New Trackers, ASUS Transformer, Sony Video Cameras

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Yesterday saw some new trackers being launched on One for the broad market and one for a specialty market.

ASUS Transformer Tablet PC Tracker

This might just be the tablet PC that puts a dent into the sales of the market dominating iPad & iPad 2. Until now, the iPad’s dominance has come from poor or under-developed Android tablet offerings. The ASUS Transformer levels the playing field and potentially takes it up a step higher. As comes with the most promising products, coupled with the recent tragic events in Japan, is lack of inventory. That is where comes into play. Head over to our ASUS Transformer In Stock Tracker, see if stock is available. If not, then be sure to sign up for our FREE in stock alerts. We offer email, desktop, and TXT alerts.

Sony Video Camera Tracker

This tracker is tackling the pro-sumer/professional level video cameras. These aren’t your typical consumer -based video cameras. But if you are a professional, and are in the market for a new Sony NEX-FS100 or Sony PMW-F3, then be sure to head over to the Sony Video Camera In Stock Tracker. Once again, sign up for the FREE in stock alerts if inventory is not available and as soon as our inventory trackers find stock available at the retailers we are tracking, we will alert you.

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