Kinect Tracker Update

December 2nd, 2010

It has come time to start adding Kinect Bundles to the Kinect In Stock Tracker. There continues to be a lack of standard Kinects available as stock rarely shows up and the last big offering of the stand alone units being last Friday at Amazon. As such we have begun adding the first of the Kinect Bundles to the tracker.

GameStop has a couple of Kinect Bundles, Sports, Fitness and Dance. Each of these GameStop Kinect Bundles comes with Kinect and two extra games for the low price of $250.

Dell Home/Consumer has been offering a multitude of bundle options. They have bundles with one game, bundles with two games, and bundles with Live Gold Subscriptions for all of your online gaming, plus they have bundles with an extra game and live subscription.

We have been featuring the Walmart Bundle for some time since Walmart never even had the stand alone Kinect for sale online.

The time has come to start seriously thinking bundles if you want the Kinect for Christmas day. If history tells anything when it comes to hot video game items, bundles rule the world when demand seriously outstrips supply.

If you are currently a registered user, then you will need to log in and add these new bundles to your account. If you are not a registered user, you will need to create a FREE account, then add the items you want alerted on. If you are just starting your search for Kinect, you better up your game, these guys will be hard to find by December 25th. Upping your chances beings with

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