Kinect & Xbox 306 Kinect Stock – Down with the Bundle Bundlers

December 3rd, 2010

I love it whenever stock becomes available from those retailers that refuse to bundle their merchandise. In the case of Kinect and the Xbox 360 this year, we have seen the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle being bundled again with other items. I call these the Bundled Bundles and those that do it the Bundle Bundlers. Today was the first day we saw some relief from this trend thanks to both Amazon and

If you are still looking for these items, then make sure to sign up for a FREE account and add the items you want alerted on to your account. Heck, you might want to check the respective trackers first to make sure some inventory isn’t still hanging around:

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Visit the Xbox 360 In Stock Tracker >

Good luck all this holiday season and we hope can help you get what you want.