Add Your Own Items! Custom Item Tracking Added

October 20th, 2010

Last night we launched the capability to add your own Custom Items and be alerted when those items come in stock or are up for pre-order. This service is currently in BETA so hopefully those that use it, will pass along any issues or praises you may have.

At this time, you can ONLY track products from either Amazon or B&H Photo. We will track the items you add, and then alert you whenever we see stock or pre-orders available.

To utilize this new feature:

  1. Login to your account
  2. You will see a new section on the “My Items” screen that says “My Custom Items”. This is where your custom items will show and where you can adjust the alert delivery options.
  3. Click “Add Items” at the top and there will be a new pane on this screen to “Add Custom Items”.
  4. Enter one product page URL per line in the box. These URLs must be from Amazon or B&H Photo at the time of this writing.
  5. After adding the URLs and clicking the Review button, you will see a screen to validate and Add each item.
  6. Click Add next to each item after making sure the items are correct.
  7. Head to the “My Items” page and set your alert delivery options for each item. By default, in stock email alerts is already selected.
  8. Go on with your life; when we see stock available, we will notify you.

A few notes on Custom Item Tracking:

  • Desktop Alerts are not available for these custom items.
  • We will add more stores dependent on usage of the system and requests. Not all stores will be able to be added.

Good luck to all!