AMD R9 290X Price Solid in $699-749 Range

October 17th, 2013

A lot of people have been speculating on the pricing of the upcoming AMD R9 290X video cards . The R9 290X cards are slated to be the new flagship releases from AMD competing with the NVIDIA GTX Titan, with some rumored benchmarks out there even showing the card slightly outperforming the TITAN. The speculation around the interweb is suggesting a price around $700-800 range.  This would be pretty impressive at this rumored price-point and rumored benchmarks given that the Titan is still selling at $999+ levels.

The Pricing Details…

Newegg, the king when it comes to computer components, began the whole pricing rumormill when they mistakenly leaked the price at $729.99 for the MSI card as it was buried in the product page’s code, but since removed. Then there is one Australian retailer showcasing an XFX unit with Limited Edition BattleField 4 for $799 AUD.

And now, we have Amazon showing the HIS H290XF4GD for $714.99 and available for pre-order. I think we are pretty solid with all of these leaks now. The price of the AMD R9 290X line should be in the range of $699-749 with most below the $749 for certain. Some of the higher end cards might slip over that $749 range if they have extra design elements such as liquid cooling or come bundled with BF4.

Now, if you want to be alerted as soon as these latest cards are available for pre-order, well then head over to our AMD R9 290X tracker and sign up for our FREE alerts. Oh wait, you can pre-order that HIS card right now at Amazon. Yeah, we know, HIS might not be your brand of choice, don’t worry… we are tracking Newegg and their other currently listed cards. We will also notify you as soon as other manufacturers cards appear at Amazon and TigerDirect and we begin tracking those as well.


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