AT&T Text Alerts Turned OFF!

December 21st, 2018

UPDATE: 01-07-2019
We have finally made contact with AT&T, however, we have yet to resolve the issue. We will update when we know more. In the interim, please use option 1 below to receive our alerts and sorry for the confusion.

AT&T/Cricket Text alerting was turned off at 10:00 AM EST today (12-21-2018). We are experiencing text alert delivery issues with AT&T. Their system is delaying our alerts and has been doing so since November 28th, 2018. We have tried to contact them numerous times via multiple channels to resolve the issue and they have yet to respond.

This is an issue that we experience every so often and are typically able to resolve fairly quickly with the mobile carriers. An issue with Verizon earlier this year was able to be resolved within 4 days. T-Mobile in the past contacted us because of our subscribers’ complaints.

Mobile carrier systems are closed and we have no control over them. They reserve the right to black-hole/delay our alerts at any time. Over the years we have continually evaluated systems to see if there was any way possible to circumvent the piggy-backing of other people’s system, but we are not aware of a single method that will work for us.

At this time, if you are an AT&T Wireless subscriber, it is suggested that you take one or both of the following courses of action…

  1. Use email to forward our alerts to your phone. Yes, it is possible to forward specific emails to your phone. Instructions for this can be found here in our Text Alerts Via Email Alerts Guide.
  2. Bring this issue to their attention letting them know that your alerts are not being delivered. You can contact them here: Twitter, Facebook, or directly.