Canon 1D X In Stock Tracking Update, Canon 1D C

August 9th, 2012

Canon 1D X Update

We have added some new retailers to the Canon 1D tracker. In fact, one of the new stores we recently added, Canon Store, recently had inventory of the Canon 1D X. The other reason we are writing this update is because we have also added Best Buy to the tracker as well. Best Buy has been able to offer inventory to users much faster than other retailers as they have just started selling the professional level DSLR cameras online this year. During the recent and current Nikon D800, D800e, and D4 shortages, Best Buy was able to offer these models “In Stock” much faster than the other retailers that are backlogged with pre-orders. The same appears to be happening at Canon Store and J&R as well.

It is highly recommended that if you are still waiting for your pre-order to arrive, or if you have not placed a pre-order, that you add these retailers to your account for in stock alerting. We expect Best Buy to receive inventory soon on these models and Canon Store and J&R will probably have more too. If getting your hands on the Canon 1D X is top priority, then by all means make sure to add these new retailers to your account.

Here are all of the retailers we are currently tracking for the Canon 1D X: Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, Canon Store, J&R, Samy’s Camera, Unique Photo. All retailers are Authorized Nikon Resellers and we only ever track USA models, not grey market, to ensure that the items you are alerted on are warranty protected.

Canon 1D C Added to Canon 1D Tracker

On a side note, if you are or know someone is interested in picking up the Canon 1D C, we have added tracking for this model from B&H Photo. It appears that B&H Photo might be the only retailer that may be selling this camera. At least of the retailers we can track.

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