Canon 5D Mark III Price Drops Already Starting?

July 23rd, 2012

Well… if you weren’t already aware, which would be hard-to-believe if you are into photography, the Canon 5D Mark III is clearly not selling as well as the Nikon D800. Between sub-par reviews from both camera sites as well as the photography community in general, coupled with a MSRP price ($3,499.99 body/$4,299.99 kit) that is $500 higher than the super hot Nikon D800 ($2,999.99), it could be determined that retailers might be getting a bit nervous holding so much inventory, in particular, Best Buy.

This past weekend, Best Buy threw the 5D Mark III Body on sale for $3,349.99, a $150 savings. The 5D Mark III Kit (w/24-105mm lens) also went on sale for $4,099.99; a savings of $200 off the normal price of $4,299.99.

Amazon and B&H Photo went and matched both sale prices.

But the real kickerJ&R slashed their 5D Mark III Kit price by nearly $300 to $3,999.99! Sorry, but J&R didn’t slash their price on the body.
UPDATE: As of this morning, July 24th, the price is back up at J&R.

In the end, it is quite possible that a permanent price drop might be coming soon, granted it will be relative to what these sales do to reduce inventories, but as it stands right now, there are deals to be had on the Canon 5D Mark III. Do you think there will be a permanent price drop on the Canon 5D Mark III in the near future?