Site Update: New Trackers, ASUS Transformer, Sony Video Cameras

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Yesterday saw some new trackers being launched on One for the broad market and one for a specialty market.

ASUS Transformer Tablet PC Tracker

This might just be the tablet PC that puts a dent into the sales of the market dominating iPad & iPad 2. Until now, the iPad’s dominance has come from poor or under-developed Android tablet offerings. The ASUS Transformer levels the playing field and potentially takes it up a step higher. As comes with the most promising products, coupled with the recent tragic events in Japan, is lack of inventory. That is where comes into play. Head over to our ASUS Transformer In Stock Tracker, see if stock is available. If not, then be sure to sign up for our FREE in stock alerts. We offer email, desktop, and TXT alerts.

Sony Video Camera Tracker

This tracker is tackling the pro-sumer/professional level video cameras. These aren’t your typical consumer -based video cameras. But if you are a professional, and are in the market for a new Sony NEX-FS100 or Sony PMW-F3, then be sure to head over to the Sony Video Camera In Stock Tracker. Once again, sign up for the FREE in stock alerts if inventory is not available and as soon as our inventory trackers find stock available at the retailers we are tracking, we will alert you.

Archos 5 – 500GB Anroid Tablet – $239 today

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Deal Expired.

If you are interested in getting your hands on an Android Tablet, it appears that Archos and Amazon want to clear some space from their virtual shelves with a stellar Android table deal today. Today the Gold Box Deal of the Day is the Archos 5 – 500GB Android tablet with a 4.8″ TFT LCD touch screen. With massive space, this tablet is sure to store enough of your videos and music. And today, this Archos 5 tablet can be had for only $239! Purchase this tablet from Amazon now.

If you are interested in waiting, or looking for the latest Android tablets, then make sure to visit our Android Tablet tracker. We are sure you will something hot and edgy there to appease your needs. Don’t forget, if the tablet in the tracker is out of stock, then make sure to sign up for our FREE in stock alerts!

More Kinects In Stock & Weekly Update

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Well this holiday season is turning out to be one that will put some smiles a lot of little faces out there. Amazon just released a new stock of Microsoft Kinect’s about an hour ago. If you are still looking for Kinect, then head over to our Kinect In Stock Tracker and see if stock is still available. If not, then register for the FREE in stock alerts, and we will notify you when the items you want alerted on come in stock.

Kinect Tracker

As stated in the opening, Kinects this season still remain somewhat elusive, but the inventory still keeps flowing in weekly. This season has been really kind to the users of and we hope to continue the trend going forward to help put more smiles on those little faces this season. If you know anyone still looking for a Kinect, make sure you send them to and the Kinect Tracker. Also tell them to sign up for the FREE alerts!

New Android Tablet Tracker

This past weekend we added a new Android™ Tablet In Stock Tracker. The much anticipated ARCHOS 101 tablet has been a little elusive not to mention the barrage of other Android tablets coming down the pipes. If you are interested in picking up any of these new ARCHOS tablets, then make sure you sign up for the FREE alerts. Also, if there are any other hard-to-find Android tablets out there we are not tracking, then by all means send in your suggestions.

Contacting – Contact form down for past week

No, we weren’t ignoring you! In an effort to fight our in stock alert emails from getting denied by SPAM filters, we made a few changes to our server last week. As a result of these changes, we found out our contact form suffered an error which we were unaware of. So, if you tried to contact us in the past week via our contact form, we didn’t get your message unfortunately. Please resend any messages you might have sent, we want to hear what you have to say!