Clearance Patio Furniture Sale at Target

August 13th, 2012

If you have been waiting for Target to put their Belvedere or Rolston patio furniture collections on sale, well now is the time for you to take action. And, you better not delay if you want to get your hands on these items because they probably won’t last long before they are sold out. We have been watching the patio furniture collections for the past two months at Target waiting to show you a deal you can’t resist and that time has come!

Right now, Target has both the Rolston and Belvedere patio furniture collections set at clearance pricing of 50% off. What makes this deal even more special is that you can get both the conversation sets and dining sets of each collection at 50% off. The dining set for Belvedere was at 50% off for two days in the past, but the conversation set was not. This time around you can get both sets at 50% allowing you to complete your patio collection at once! You will not not have to wait for the other set to go on sale as they are both on sale.

Belvedere Collection

The wicker 4-piece conversation set comes with one loveseat, two chairs, and one coffee table all for $498 with $25 dollars for shipping! The 5-piece dining set comes with a 42″ table with umbrella holder and 4 bench style seats for seating up to 8 all in a circular design. The dining set cost is only $749.50 and only $25 for shipping. In the end, you can get both sets in the Belvedere Collection for a total of  $1,297.50 shipped, plus tax where applicable.

Rolston Collection

The 4-piece conversation set is the same as the Belvedere in that it also comes with a loveseat, two chairs, and one coffee table. Perfect for having 4 people engaged in a conversation, and perfect at the $499.50 price and only $25 for shipping. Also, the 5-piece dining set, like the Belvedere comes in circular styling, but with a 48″ table and seating for up to 6 for $604.50, plus only $25 for shipping. In the end, pick up both Rolston sets and you will have seating for 10 people at $1,154.00 shipped, plus tax where applicable.