Cricket Wireless TEXT Messaging Updated

March 18th, 2016

It’s been a while since we first started experiencing issues with regards to TEXT messaging and Cricket Wireless USA

But with some great help from user Danny, it appears we have been able to resolve the issues and Cricket Wireless USA messaging has resumed in normal fashion. As a result, we have reset all Cricket USA users Authorization Code attempts so that they may once again attempt to add their numbers to our system for TEXT alerting.

The testing we performed was specific to Cricket Wireless USA and not Cricket AIO (Canada). However, we have also reset the attempts on Cricket AIO as well since we believe the issues are similar in nature.  If you are on Cricket AIO, please attempt and set up alerts once more. Then, let us know you if you are successful or not via our contact form. Testing in Canada is not an option for us being based in USA, but with your help, we MIGHT be able to resolve any issues that may still remain.