Cyber Monday Tracker Updates

November 29th, 2010

This week’s tracker update will be as short and sweet as possible as there will be deals to be had.

Lalaloopsy Dolls Tracker

Lalaloopsy Dolls are back… and hot! Black Friday seemed to wipe out inventories across the major retailers with only a few stragglers remaining. As a result of this increased demand and low inventory, Lalaloopsy has regained its position as a Hot Tracker. Along with this we have also added some Kmart listings to the tracker. Be forewarned, however, Kmart’s inventory system is lackluster at best and has a tendency to shoot a lot of errors. Not to mention that Kmart has multiple listings for each Lalaloopsy Doll they offer, so tracking might not always be accurate with these items. If you are interested in adding the Kmart Lalaloopsy Dolls to your items for free in stock alerts, visit the Lalaloopsy Alerts page. If you just want to check inventories, then head over to the Lalaloopsy Dolls Tracker.

Toy Story 3

We had some user requests this week for Toy Story 3 Bullseye tracking. As a result we have added Toys R Us to this new tracker… if you want anything else tracked for this line then Make a Suggestion…please remember though, we cannot track Disney Store. To see if stock is available or to sign up for FREE in stock alerts, head over to the Toy Story 3 Tracker.


If inventories of the Kinect devices remain low over this next week, we will begin adding Kinect Bundles which seem to be showing up. This is typical for really hot items in the video game arena. When the individual item sells out too quickly, our capitalistic minds kick in to soak the customer, such as the $250 Walmart Bundle. (This is why I love Amazon… they refrain from doing this.) Since we are all about finding the right item for our users in a timely fashion, we will offer tracking on a limited number of these Kinect Bundles as an option. To see if inventories of the Kinect sensor are available or to sign up for FREE in stock alerts for the Kinect, then head over to the Kinect In Stock Tracker.

B&H Photo

On a side note, this past week we started receiving errors when querying B&H Photo. This error has resulted in B&H being removed from the site. It is unfortunate, but until we can resolve the issue with B&H Photo, we are not able to track any items on their site. If you have B&H items in your account, they will remain in your account, and as soon as the issue is resolved, tracking will resume as normal. To ensure continued selection in the various trackers where B&H existed, we have added a lot of new items from Adorama and J&R. Also, this means that you can no longer add custom items for B&H as well. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.