Day One Edition Xbox One Still Available for Pre-order

October 8th, 2013


UPDATE 10-16-13: Best Buy still has Day One Consoles available for pre-order… head over to the tracker to see what is available from them. Sold Out.

Walmart continues to release their Day One Edition bundles in veryvery limited quantities. I just wanted to post some tips on acquiring one of these two Xbox One bundles.

First, I, myself, have been unsuccessful previously as the majority of you have also probably experienced. Fortunately, I just secured mine this morning. It is likely it will take more than one attempt. You may become frustrated. But, if you follow these tips, you will have the best chance at acquiring your Xbox One – Day One Edition:

  1. ADD all payment and credit card details to your Walmart account upfront and KNOW your login information because you will need it to finalize the checkout process.
  2. If using a credit card, CALL your credit card company so they are aware you will be placing this order. Let them know that you are planning on purchasing a Xbox One Bundle at Walmart (or other retailer) in the next month or so and should cost around $600. Why? Well if you do NOT, you are at risk of order denial. A couple of commenters below, including myself, have been denied at the checkout process previously because the credit card companies believe the order is FRAUD. Obviously it is not, but you need to make them aware of this prior to ordering to help ensure a smooth checkout without the FRAUD catch. If you still get denied at checkout, or want to pay in store with a credit card, make sure to use the CASH option in the checkout process. This has worked for other users who were denied. If you choose this option, you will need to pay at a Walmart store within 48 hours.
  3. USE our Browser Alerts. Add the bundles to your account for alerting, then keep open the Browser Alerts page. Make sure to turn on the  PRE-ORDER alarms on the left hand side of the page.
  4. On Walmart site, and when possible, ADD the bundle you want to your cart and KEEP it there. Keep that browser window open even if the checkout fails. You will probably fail at ordering one of these bundles from the start unless Walmart decides to release a batch instead of one or two units which seems typical. You may need to refresh the bundle once every 3-4 days to ensure it remains in your cart and not “saved for later.”
  5. Sit by your machine, and use the auto-clicker on the Proceed to Checkout button. When a unit is available, you will be able to finalize the checkout process. (Provides best opportunity for 1-2 unit releases) Or, on next Browser Alert, go straight to that cart browser window and click Proceed to Checkout button again. (Possible if batches are released.)  (UPDATE: With Walmart only releasing 1, maybe 2, units the majority of the time, and since there are so many people trying to get these units, Browser Alerts might not alert you every time units are up for grabs. Using an Auto-Clicker (more details below), is your best bet at this time. Remember, in theory, we want to alert people when batches are available, however sometimes alerts will go out when only 1 or 2 are available. The auto-clicker will help with the 1-2 unit releases and when alerts might not be sent.)
  6. Enjoy your bundle! Well at least we hope that is what happens. It will probably take multiple times, but those that are persistent will get the bundle. Remember, you are not alone in this quest. The Day One Edition is surely the most sought after version, and Walmart has been the only one explicitly offering it recently.

Other notes:

  • Auto-Clicker: In the Xbox One Tracker comments section, commenter Nekko refers to using an auto-clicker once the bundle is added to your cart and this has worked for others. If you would like to use an auto-clicker, users have recommended Murgee. Other auto-click software options can be found here. As always with software downloads, we are not responsible for any of these applications or what they may do to your computer. We have NOT verified these applications for virus, adware, or spyware. It is your responsibility. Dive into the Comments section of the Xbox One Tracker, there are people there willing to help you understand the auto-clickers and setups. We recommend setting your auto-clicker to no faster than every 3-5 seconds. Do not set it any faster, or you may be blocked.
  • Acquiring the bundle in the early morning while on the east coast, is probably the best time, since there are less people online compared to the day and evening hours. Conversely, pacific coast users probably have a better chance in the late night hours.

If you are easily frustrated, or in jeopardy of losing your job, because of this quest, immediately quit this quest and order a Standard Edition console from Amazon. They were still available at the time of this post, but you can check the tracker to make sure.