DISCORD Alerting Now Available for Select Items

March 3rd, 2020

We have just implemented an alerting BETA test option via DISCORD for some of our USA-based trackers. This will be a limited test until we try to determine whether or not it is fit for our needs moving forward.

Basically it will operate in the same manner as our previous Google Groups alerting option. If you aren’t familiar with this, it will mean that only select items will be available for this type of alerting.

Essentially our trackers will be mimicked via a channel within our NowInStock DISCORD server whenever a given tracker has items that alert via the DISCORD server. As a result, only select items marked with a Discord Alert Enabled (DISCORD icon) in our trackers will alert via its corresponding DISCORD channel. To see a current example, check our Nintendo Switch tracker or Oculus Quest tracker.

Here are some important notes and tips on using DISCORD:

  • Unfortunately, there is no way for Admins to mute channel notifications from the start for all users. If you DO NOT want notifications from a channel, you have to turn them OFF in said channel’s settings. This will become more of a pain as we add more channels, but there is nothing we can do. But then again, how hard is it to go to Channel > Notifications > Mute Channel?
  • Use the DISCORD app! You can find it here for iOS or Android.
    • You may need to adjust your app-level permissions to ensure the app can operate in the background and allow those notifications to flow to your mobile device.
  • Currently, DISCORD notifications are set at a default 2-hour interval. Meaning alerts will only ever be sent out once every two hours an item shows in stock. This will help to mimic closer to our own Browser Alerts system, but not overload users when stock “floats” in and out quickly. If this interval is too slow, feel free to use Browser Alerts.