Faster Amazon Wii Alerts

September 5th, 2007

On average, Wii stock at Amazon sells out in 4-8 minutes. Hence, over the past few months the Amazon Wii alerts have not been quick enough. While I have managed to receive the email alerts with time to click the link and order one while they were still in stock, I do realize that most people are not in tune with their email as much as I am. Even at that, there have been times when I have been slow enough and they were gone. One of the reasons for this is the fact that my spiders check the pages on average every 3-4 minutes. So, if Wii’s come in stock at Amazon and my spider doesn’t run for another 2-4 minutes, coupled with the time for you to receive the email, it is too late already.

In order to combat this, I have decided to run Amazon seperately on a faster schedule. This should increase the time to actual alert to more around the 1-1.5 minute time frame. In essence, this is a dramatic shift because 2-4 minutes difference can mean the difference between “in stock” or “sold out”. I may decide to crank up this checking even further, but I still can only send emails so fast. So, when you receive an alert for Amazon, you need to act FAST!

We shall see how this new script pans out. I expect that this week Amazon will receive another shipment on Thursday or Friday. If not this week, I would say next week for sure.