February Update: New Game Tracker, Wii Inventory

February 16th, 2009

Its been over a month since I last posted an update, so I have decided to give everyone a little insight into what has been happening with NowInStock.net and the market.

Wii Inventories Stabilized

It appears that Wii inventories have finally stabilized with Wii’s being in stock for some time now at a variety of online stores including Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, and even Radio Shack. The Wii has finally run its high-demand course!

As a result of the steady inventory stream, I have DISCONTINUED all TXT alerts for the Wii via Twitter. I suggest that all users stop “following” NowInStock within Twitter as I will begin using it for future site updates and no longer for Wii stock alerts. To unsubscribe from NowInStock on Twitter, login to your Twitter account and stop “Following” NowInStock.

Google Group NowInStockWiis subscribers will continue to receive Wii alerts, however, I have removed the sign up form from the web site as there is no longer a need to use this group.

Wii Fit Inventories Stabilizing

Just like the Wii, Wii Fit inventories also continue to be steady, but a little less so than the Wii. WiiFit Twitter alerts will continue through the Twitter account NISWiiFit. Also, the WiiFit Google Group will continue to receive email updates, but like the Wii the sign up has been removed from NowInStock. You still sign up for FREE alerts, the alerts will just be distributed via my NowInStock.net alert system.

Video Game Deals Tracker

What has been taking the majority of my time over the past few months is my effort to formulate a price tracker of sorts. The initial focus of these price trackers is to monitor Amazon for price flucutations and determining when “new lowest prices ever” are reached, when “all-time lows” are hit, when “new preorders” are available for preordering, and to “view all preorders” for each specific gaming system. I am tracking a series of video game systems with this new type of price tracker including Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS, PSP, PS2, PC, and Mac games. Also, I have a main video games deals page where one can see the deals found each day. As you will see on the this page there is also an RSS feed for each specific system so that you can use your RSS readers and have the deals delivered autmatically daily.

I will be working on add more features as time progresses, however right now I think this service is providing very valuable information. On each specific game system page you will find a complete list of all games I could find for each respective system along with price indicators and price details by clicking the icons in the info column for each game.

Please send over your thoughts or wishes for this deal tracker. I would love to hear your input. Also, rest assured that price alerts and inventory alerts are going to be included once I flush out the system to handle these.

That is all for now. I will continue to update every month with new developments.

~ Justin

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