Fujifilm X100 Pre-Orders Available Again

February 19th, 2011

The much anticipated, Photokina 2010 show-stealing, Fujifilm X100 available for pre-order once again! It was a while back on February 8th when pre-orders for the X100 were first available, but they quickly disappeared. Wait no more, you can place your pre-order once again to ensure your place in line for this super-hot camera. Place your pre-order at Amazon now.

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If by chance you come upon this post after the pre-orders have been removed, don’t fret. Just register with NowInStock.net, add the Fujifilm X100 to your items, and we will alert you whenever we see the X100 in stock or available for pre-order again. It is a FREE service. If you would like to see what the current status of inventory on the X100 is, then venture over to our Fujifilm In Stock Tracker.