Fujifilm X100S – Save $110 OFF MSRP

October 4th, 2013

The Fujifilm X100S has long been one of those cameras that has been hard to come by. There have been rumors of damaged shipments and production issues along the way. These problems have resulted in very small shipments arriving at retailers around the world, especially here in the USA.

Over the past week or so, the ¬†inventories have begun to meet demand and X100S units have been in stock for quite a few days now. Given that we are so very close to demand having been met, it is surprising to know that the Fujifilm X100S has been and continues to sell for $1,189.98 on BestBuy.com. That’s right… $110 off MSRP and FREE Shipping!

Now some might say, well there is sales tax to be included on top of that because Best Buy has a presence in every state. Correct, however with all the “Amazon Tax” issues continuing around the country, every month more and more states are beginning to demand sales tax on internet sales. And even with the sales tax of most states added on to the price from Best Buy, you would still be saving money. For example, here in PA where we are located, our tax rates are 7%. This still results in our price being $25 cheaper than anywhere else online. And who doesn’t mind saving an extra $25? Maybe put that $25 towards a faster memory card for your new X100S?

Head on over to Best Buy and pick up your Fujifilm X100s today.