Furby’s Back… In Stock Tracker Live

September 4th, 2012

The 2nd revival of Furby is on the horizon. Initially announced on April, 12, 2012 with a first phase release date of September 16, 2012, this new generation of Furby is more intelligent and interactive than ever.

Making their first appearance in 1998, Furbies were the first “must-have” interactive-robotic toy. What made Furby unique was the fact that it was a language learning toy. At first, Furby knew very little English, but slowly developed an understanding of the language through commands and questions. The other feature unique to Furby was that how you interacted with it helped develop its unique attitude as it grew older.

What makes this 2nd revival of Furby so special is exciting new features including LCD eyes and an Apple iOS app that allow you to interact with your Furby like never before. Point your phone at your Furby and let the interactions begin! Here is what you can expect to find within the Furby iOS app:

  • Pantry – Choose from over 100 different foods for your Furby to eat! Get to know your Furby better by figuring out what foods it likes and dislikes.
  • Deli – Create a special meal for your Furby with over 60 different sandwich-making ingredients.
  • Translator – Furby said what? Use the translator to translate Furbish in real time. Hold your app device close to Furby’s mouth when it speaks. When the speech bubbles appear, simply tap the Furbish or English phrase to hear it aloud.
  • Dictionary – Practice Furbish even when Furby is not around with full Furbish-to-English dictionary. (Hint: Useful for writing secret notes to friends.)
If you are interested in picking up a Furby, then head over to our new Furby In Stock Tracker. Pre-orders are already being accepted at some retailers for the September 16, 2012 Phase 1 releases. As for Phase 2 releases, we will have tracking available at select retailers. Or, if you just want to be notified when stock is available for purchase, then register for a free account and add the items you want alerted on. As soon as we see your Furbies in stock, we will alert you via TXT or email. It’s simple and quick!

Phase 1 Furbies

Phase 2 Furbies