Guitar Hero 3 for Wii Tracking for Circuit City Live

November 7th, 2007

Circuit City has updated their website and as a result I am now able to track Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii. Sign up for alerts under the Wii Accessories Tracker in order to receive alerts as to when they come back in stock. I will try to monitor this one as closely as possible to ensure errors, if any, are limited. I am a little skeptical as a result of the way the CC site was displaying them in stock previously.

This evening I may add a full Guitar Hero 3 Tracker to the site. If I do, I will update the Wii Alerts so they appear under this tracker instead. If you already subscribe to receive alerts on GH3 for Wii, there will be NO need to sign up again. The alerts will still function as normal. If anybody else notices stock deficiencies in other platforms, Xbox 360 or PS3, please let me know. As a matter of a fact if there are any other products you want tracked send them in and I will see what I can do!