IMPORTANT: Not getting alerts?

August 27th, 2017

Are you subscribed to one of our hotter items and not receiving alerts?

Here are few things you might want to double check:

  1. Make sure you are using the Google Group option for alert deliveries. We set up Google Groups every time an item or group of items exceeds our own internal alerting maximums. If you are not signed up to the Google Group, make sure you sign up.
  2. Double check your Google Group settings.¬†Seriously, double check your settings¬†especially your setting for email delivery preference. It is quite astounding how many people are signed up to the group and have their email delivery preference set to “No Email”. So you don’t really want alerted? Those who follow directions win.
  3. Want text alerts? Make sure you have you text alert forwarding set up properly. If you want text alerts from the Google Group, go back to reread the direction and double check your forwarding settings within your email account.

If you take the time to follow our directions, you should be alerted without delay. If you do not follow the directions, more than likely you will not be alerted. If you rely solely on our own internal alerts system for seriously hot items, you will more than likely not be alerted.