La Dee Da Dolls Trackers Launched

August 22nd, 2012

Fashion forward dolls for your aspiring young ones. La Dee Da dolls are just that, a doll series with a sense of fashion. From the La Dee Da line comes 5 characters… Dee, Cyanne, Tylie, Sloane, and Dee’s pet dog Le Bun. If your little ones are always into looking their best then they are sure to love the dolls from La Dee Da.

We have just launched 6 new La Dee Da trackers which include trackers for the Signature Dolls (there is only one so far, Dee – City Girl), Runway Vacay Dolls (4 dolls), Sweet Party Dolls (4 dolls), and Le Bun, the most fashionable pooch around. We’ve also added two other trackers for Accessories and Fashion Packs. The line thus far isn’t huge, but as new products are launched we’ll be sure to add them all.