Max Payne 3 for PC – Only $29.99

July 16th, 2012

Max Payne 3

UPDATE: And just like that, within hours of our post, Max Payne 3 had it’s price increased once again.

After having the price jump back up to $39.99 for the last two weeks, Amazon Downloads is back at it with a price reduction to $29.99 for Max Payne 3 for PC!

How long will this deal last this time? Only Amazon ever knows the answer to that. So, instead of sitting around and contemplating purchasing it, head over to the Amazon and make your purchase now ensuring that you get Max Payne 3 (non-Steam version) at the best price you will see for months to come.

Note: There is a tendency for reviewers to complain about downloads over Amazon not function properly. Based on personal experience, I have purchased many different games and never had issues. I am not saying issues cannot arise, just that you should always make sure your downloads run without interruption, and once you have installed the game, always download and install patches that may have been released. If you do both, you will more than likely not have issues. I am sure there are some older PC games that might encounter issues on the latest PC systems, but always use Amazon support if these types of issues arise. I have never read where they did not provide the necessary support  to get the game running properly or denied a refund for a non-working game after support solutions failed.