Medal of Honor Preorder Deals – Act Fast, Last Day

October 11th, 2010

Looking to purchase Medal of Honor, which releases tomorrow October 12th, 2010, but want to get your hands on the best deal? Lets take a look at what the top retailers out there are offering at the wee hours prior to the launch of this much anticipated release of Medal of Honor:

Amazon Medal of Honor Preorder Deal:
Amazon is offering two features that are of interest. First is the $20 video game credit. In theory, this drops the price of Medal of Honor to $39.99 from the issued price of $59.99. You will receive your $20 credit within two days of Medal of Honor shipping to your house. Second, you have the option to receive Release-Date Delivery… in my case it only cost $0.99! This price shocked me in that I was able to have the game in-hand on release-day for only $0.99 and I can still order today and receive it tomorrow for this price.

GameStop Medal of Honor Preorder Deal:
If saving $20 is not of great importance to you, then maybe getting an advanced Tier 1 status in game is. This is the deal from GameStop… if you place your order by today at 11 AM CST, which is 12 PM EST, you will receive a “GameStop Exclusive code for instant access to the Assault Class Tier 1 Operator with the benefit of a visual distinction in Multiplayer. Also receive the M60 to mow down the competition online.” When it comes to getting your game on release-day, you will have to select overnight shipping which will cost you $9.99.

Walmart Medal of Honor Preorder Deal:
Walmart is offering a $20 e-gift card. This gift card will only work at or and not valid in stores. Just like Amazon, you are essentially getting your game for the $59.99 minus $20 for a future purchase, but unlike Amazon this purchase can be on anything at the aforementioned sites, not just video game purchases. As far as shipping goes, well just like Amazon, you can have the game in-hand on release-day for only $0.97! However, there is a caveat this late in the game, this guarantee passed as the rules state in order to receive the game on release day you must have placed your order 3 days prior to actual release date.

So late biters, which route will you take? Lets recap our options:

Amazon – $20 video game credit, $0.99 release-day delivery still an option – Preorder Now!

GameStop – FREE in game Tier 1 Access Code, $9.99 release-day delivery – Preorder Now!

Walmart – $20 online-only gift card, release-day delivery has passed – Preorder Now!