Mobile Phone In Stock Tracking Live

August 6th, 2010

Yesterday we launched two new mobile phone trackers, one for AT&T phones and the other for Sprint phones. Currently we are only tracking Best Buy for these phones as the other major sites out there make sure that a zip code is entered prior to shopping for phones.

The major reason that spurred these releases is the demand for the Sprint EVO 4G. A lot of users requested that we track this heavy demanded phone and we listened. So if you are in the market for an EVO 4G from Sprint, then head over to our Sprint Phone Tracker. Right after the launch of the tracker yesterday, we picked up the White EVO 4G as in stock at Best Buy; hopefully this trend will continue.

If you would like to find an AT&T Phone, then head over to the AT&T Phone Tracker. If the phone you are looking for is not listed, just submit a Product Suggestion and we will add the item.