Monster High Classrooms, Target’s Shell Game

July 25th, 2013

Okay folks… instead of putting this in an elongated email, I thought I would just write a post letting everyone know what happened with the two Target listings for the Home Ick:Heath/Abbey and Mad Science:Cleo/Ghoulia.

Some of you may have placed an order at Target for Home Ick:Heath/Abbey BUT received Mad Science:Cleo/Ghoulia and vice versa. Please understand this was an issue with Target. They mixed up the items resulting in this mass confusion. To compound that, we have been showing and sending emails that Home Ick:Heath/Abbey was IN STOCK for the last day or so because of this switch, when in reality it was the opposite with Mad Science:Cleo/Ghoulia being in stock.

When the issue was initially brought to my attention by user Gina, I thought I had a coding error somewhere. But then user Katelyn informed me of the switch. In fact, as Katelyn also mentioned in her email, if you look at the 1 review for Mad Science, you will see Target Reviewer momof2 say “… but my Heath dolls arm is a bit loose and falls out of his socket super easy at the elbow…“. This proves the switch was made by Target.

Thanks to Gina and Katelyn for apprising me of the issue. And, sorry to all of you subscribers. I have made the switch and now the listings are once again with their correct sets.