New Black XBox 360 Solidifying

March 21st, 2007

As reported from different sources, a new black version of the Xbox 360 is supposedly to rear its head in the near future. The key features to this new model are the addition of a bigger hard drive of 120 GB as well as the addition of an HDMI port.

The big disappointments to me are the lack of built-in wireless connection and the lack of an HD-DVD player. These two features are essential in my eyes, with wireless networking being most important. I currently do not own a 360, but if this model, in the end, includes wireless connectivity I may buy one.

The HD-DVD drive not being included because of the lack of the format being not proven in the marketplace is kind of bogus statement. I can almost guarantee that if you charted out a comparision between the PS3 release over the Blu-ray becoming the front-runner in the format wars, you would see a direct correlation between the two. To say that HD-DVD is not proven is because it was not given the proper chance. Would including the HD-DVD shift the future of either formats? Probably not, but I would at least be more apt to buying a new Black 360!

Just a few of my thoughts.