New DS Lite Colors Added to Tracker

November 26th, 2008

Yesterday evening I was asked by Bryan to add the new Nintendo DS Lite models to the DS Lite tracker, and I gladly did. Two new colors being released this holiday season are the Limited Edition Ice Blue w/Brain Age and Carrying Case along with Limited Edition Red Mario w/New Super Mario Bros game. Both units are open for order right now at Amazon and will ship out on Friday, November 28th.

Later today I will also be adding the Metallic Silver & Black Guitar Hero On Tour Special Edition which only appears to be offered at Best Buy and Circuit City. By the time you finish reading this they might already be in the tracker.

As these units are officially released, I will monitor inventories to see if I need to add any additional stores to the tracker. If you prefer, sign up to receive FREE alerts when they are available in stock.

DS Lite Ice Blue Limited Edition DS Lite Red Mario Limited Edition Metallic Silver & Black DS Lite Special Edition