New MacBook Pro Retina Model In Stock Tracking Update

July 11th, 2012

The new MacBook Pro with Retina displays appear to be non-upgradeable. So in the interest of allowing users to receive alerts for a specific configuration, we thought you might like to know we have just added tracking for several models sporting a variety of configurations. The new models are being offered by B&H Photo or J&R, however as we find more from other retailers we can track, we will continue to add them to the MacBook Pro tracker. We have also changed the item titles to reveal the specs of each model. The new item title nomenclature is as follows:

MacBook Pro [modelNo] – Retina/[procSpeed]/[RAM]/[SSD]

To review the new models being tracked, and add any of these models to your account for FREE txt and email in stock alerting, please visit our MacBook Pro in stock tracker.